Compare Anthropometric Tape Measures for Body Measurement

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Compare Anthropometric Tape Measures for Body Measurement

What is an anthropometric tape measure?

Anthropometric simply means measurement of the body.  The basic specifications for an anthropometric tape measure are:
  • Flexible steel blade (because steel won't stretch over time) 
  • Blank space before the zero  of at least 4 cm (for better handling of the tape while getting an accurate reading)
  • Compact or "pocket" size

What about diameter, pipe, logging, forestry, and tree tape measures?

Most anthropometric tape measures were first intended for pipe and tree circumference measurement.  "Diameter" indicates that the tape will have secondary set of numbers, usually on the reverse side of the tape, that shows the diameter calculation that corresponds to length measurement.   This number is irrelevant for body measurement.

Is it okay to use a diameter tape measure for body measurement?

Absolutely.  In fact, ISAK (International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry) reommends the Lufkin W606PM diameter tape for body measurement.

Anthropometric / Diameter Tape Measures on

All of the following tape measures have these same characteristics: flexible steel blade, blank space before the zero, 2 meters in length. 1 MM graduation

AnthroFlex Anthropometric Tape Measure

  • Measures in CM
  • Hard plastic case
  • 6mm wide blade
  • Diameter measurement on bottom side
  • Auto retraction
Lufkin tape measure

Lufkin W606PM Tape Measure CM

  • Chrome metal case
  • Diameter measurement on bottom side
  • 6mm wide blade
  • Officially recommended by ISAK for body measurement
  • Auto-retraction