harpenden vs cescorf caliper


The Harpenden skinfold caliper such as the Cescorf Digital are excellent options when looking to purchase a high-quality, professional-use caliper. To choose the best option, different characteristics of each of the equipment must be considered:


The price of the two calipers is $ 350 USD, however, each one has its differences and benefits that can be comparable in use and quality.


The Harpenden caliper and the digital Cescorf differ in range and accuracy. The Harpenden has more precision + - 0.2mm and 80mm range, but without a significant difference, the Cescorf Digital has a 75mm range, 1mm increments, +/- 0.1mm precision; both calipers have a sensitivity of 1mm, which makes them both excellent equipment for professional use.


It is one of the characteristics in which the Cescorf Digital caliper has an advantage, it has an integrated self-calibration tool that makes it reliable in each of the measurements over time and unless it is strictly necessary or has some defect of manufacturing, does not need technical service.

The Harpenden caliper, on the other hand, must be constantly checked for correct calibration with a calibration dowel and brought in for calibration every 2-3 years with the UK manufacturer.


The Cescorf Digital caliper is the best option for people residing outside the United States, Canada and Europe, since it doesn't require calibration service. 

The Harpenden caliper must serviced in the UK or USA, and its owner must bear all shipping costs, repair or calibration as necessary.


The Harpenden caliper has been recognized in the market as the standard for calipers, created in 1958, it has been used for numerous investigations of measurements and calculations of body fat for 40 years.

Cescorf is a relatively new brand but the company has an excellent reputation for its anthropometric products, and Cescorf is the only Latin American manufacturer approved by the International Society for the Advancement of Kineanthropometry ISAK.



 harpenden caliper

 Cescorf digital caliper


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