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What is a Small Bone Anthropometer? A small bone anthropometer (also called a small bone caliper) is a tool for measuring width of small bones, including knee, elbow, wrist, and ankle.   Compare Small Bone Anthropometers  Brand Price (approximate) Comments Ideal For Example AnthroFlex $25 (shop) Entry level, plastic. 140mm range.  Students, beginners AvaNutri $45 (shop) Durable ABS construction.  Includes carry case.   200mm range.  Students, professionals Cescorf Innovare $50-60 (shop) Durable ABS construction. Similar to AvaNutri model (except no case) Students, professionals Cescorf $150 (shop) Aluminum, collapsible, includes soft carrying case. Practical, durable design.   Professionals and universities  Realmet $225-250 Aluminum construction,...

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Lange Caliper Distributor Pricing  NutriActiva offers distributor pricing for the Lange skinfold caliper.  We also offer deep discounts on accessories for the Lange skinfold caliper and many other products.  Please use our distributor contact form and we will contact you promptly. 

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