Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper Basic Anthropometry Kit w/ Small Bone Anthropometer, Tape Measure (Black) - B01B557Y5W

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The Slim Guide Caliper Basic Anthropometry Kit includes: Slim Guide skinfold caliper, AnthroFlex small bone anthropometer (plastic), AnthroFlex anthropometric tape measure, calibration dowel, and transport bag. THE SLIM GUIDE SKINFOLD CALIPER is the most widely used caliper in the world. It is the only low cost skinfold caliper accurate enough for professional use, with results comparable to the Harpenden caliper. Includes the book "How To Measure Percentage Bodyfat".  Durable ABS construction.  ANTHROFLEX SMALL BONE ANTHROPOMETER The AnthroFlex small bone anthropometer is ideal for students and professionals learning anthopometry techniques.   A small bone anthropometer may be used to measure the diameters of the humerus, femur, bimalleolar, biestiloideo, hand and foot width.  Details: 140mm range; ABS plastic construction.  ANTHROFLEX ANTHROPOMETRIC DIAMETER TAPE MEASURE 2M The AnthroFlex NA305 anthropometric diameter tape measure has a 6mm x 2m flexible steel blade with blank space before the zero. Same specifications as Lufkin tape measure CALIBRATION DOWEL Use this dowel to certify calibration of your Harpenden, Skyndex, or Slim Guide skinfold caliper. Includes instructions. SLIM GUIDE TRANSPORT BAG Nylon transport bag with zipper for the Slim Guide skinfold caliper.