Harpenden Skinfold Caliper PRO Kit w/ Software, Tape Measure, Dowel

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The Harpenden Pro Kit includes: Harpenden Skinfold Caliper with Case and Manual, BodyTracker Software for Body, AnthroFlex NA305 Anthropometric Tape Measure, and Calibration Dowel to test calibration.  THE HARPENDEN is the most accurate, tested, and scientifically advanced skinfold caliper in the world. It is the only caliper CE marked and is calibrated using masters traceable to National Standards. 0.2mm precision. Recommended by ISAK ANTHROFLEX ANTHROPOMETRIC DIAMETER TAPE MEASURE 2M The AnthroFlex NA305 anthropometric diameter tape measure has a 6mm x 2m flexible steel blade with blank space before the zero. Same specifications as Lufkin tape measure CALIBRATION DOWEL FOR HARPENDEN SKINFOLD CALIPER Use this dowel set to certify calibration of your Harpenden, Skyndex, or Slim Guide skinfold caliper.. BODY TRACKER SOFTWARE FOR BODY FAT With BodyTracker software you can monitor changes to body fat percentage, weight, and appearance. Create an unlimited amount of profiles. SPECIFICATIONS: System requirements: Windows; In English; Most recent software version.