Slim Guide Level 1 Anthropometry Kit

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UPC: 658921728567

BRAND: AnthroFlex

The Level 1 Anthropometry Kit by AnthroFlex gives you tools to learn and practice anthropometry (body measurement). All tools are professional quality and can be used for the ISAK 1 course (International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry).


  • Original Slim Guide skinfold caliper by Creative Health 
  • Lufkin W606PM anthropometric tape measure
  • Cescorf Innovare small bone anthropometer
  • Calibration dowel (to test calibration)


  • ORIGINAL SLIM GUIDE SKINFOLD CALIPER BY CREATIVE HEALTH is an affordable yet highly accurate skinfold caliper that's easy to use at home, in the clinic, or at the gym. The metal spring provides constant pressure to ensure accurate readings throughout the full measurement range.
  • LUFKIN W606PM TAPE MEASURE Take precise circumference measurements of waist and wrist with the non-stretch flexible steel blade. The Lufkin W606PM sets the standard for anthropometric tape measures.
  • CESCORF INNOVARE SMALL BONE ANTHROPOMETER is a high quality mid-range small bone anthropometer to measure the diameters of the humerus, femur, bimalleolar, biestiloideo, hand and foot width, wrist, knee, and elbow. ABS plastic construction, 164mm range.
  • CALIBRATION DOWEL for testing will ensure your caliper is calibrated and your readings are accurate
  • TRANSPORT BAG two zipper compartments for easy transport and storage.
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