AnthroFlex BMI Tape Measure (Pack of 2)

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BRAND: AnthroFlex

  • EVALUATE OBESITY RISK easily with BMI (body mass index) and circumference measurements.
  • DUAL READINGS show metric and standard (SAE feet/inches) units.
  • CALCULATE BMI with two-sided tape that has separate color-coded scales for men and women
  • MEASURE circumference of neck, chest, abdomen, biceps, waist, calves, thighs, and forearms
  • METAL CLIP holds reading in place and allows for one-handed measurement.

With the body mass index (BMI) tape measure you can monitor and assess changes to your body, including waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio. Then use the calculator function to quickly determine BMI and obesity risk.

How to To identify Obesity Risk
1. Measure waist. Note that one side is for males, the other for females. The difference is the color-coded scale according to gender.
2. Use the following colors to identify obesity risk: Green = healthy, Orange = moderate risk, Red = obese ("central obese") and high risk of heart disease.
To calculate BMI
1. Using the dial, line up your weight (in kilograms) with your height (in meters).
2. See BMI reading in window to determine if you are underweight, healthy, or overweight, or very overweight.