How to Buy and Receive Our Products From USA

It is Very Easy to Buy Anthropometric Equipment From the USA!

mailbox from Miami

Step 1: Find a Mailbox

Find a mailbox with service to your country. There are many.
You can Google "Miami (your country) mailbox" to find options.
eShopEx is a good option.
Estimate the import taxes

Step 2: Estimate the Costs

Estimate the shipping cost and taxes posted in your country.
On the mailbox page, find the cost calculator.
Most orders are 2-4 pounds, and you can put 1x1x1 for dimensions.
Create Account

Step 3: Create a Free Account 

Create a free account with the locker
They should only charge for shipments, not for registering the account.
buy anthropometric equipment

Step 4: Buy the Products

Buy your product on, using the address provided by the mailbox as the shipping address.
receive our products in your house

Step 5: Pay the Shipping and Taxes Costs

When your package arrives in Miami, the mailbox will notify you how much you have to pay in taxes. Make the necessary payments and the mailbox will send to your home address.