ISAK Instructors in the USA

What is a Certified Anthropometrist Instructor?

These instructors have completed levels 1 and 2 of the ISAK certification scheme, and according to ISAK, "Level 3 practitioners can demonstrate adequate precision in all 43 anthropometric dimensions, but, in addition, have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of anthropometry to be able to instruct and accredit Level 1 and 2 anthropometrists."

The following is a list of certified ISAK Level 3 instructors in the USA. For a global list of ISAK members and instructors, visit the ISAK member page.

Altom, Kelly Chicago, IL
Brown, Stephanie New York, NY
Burks, Kate Fayetteville, NC
Fernandez del Valle, Maria Edwardsville, IL
Georgacopulos Lopez, Georgia Houston, TX
Gibson, Karen Minneapolis, MN
Kendig Glass, Alicia Colorado Springs, CO
Harmon, Ryan Colorado Springs, CO
Hueglin, Shawn Huntington Beach, CA
Lozana Medina, Diana Elizabeth New York, NY
Maceroni, Claudia Seattle, WA
Muller, Colette Tacoma, WA
Parker-Simmons, Susie Colorado Springs, CO