NutriActiva Middle East

Customers in the MIddle East directly on or contact us for a quote.  NutriActiva specializes in:

  • Skinfold calipers (Slim Guide, Harpenden, Lange, Cescorf)
  • Segmometers
  • Small bone anthropometers 
  • Large bone anthropometers 
  • Anthropometry kits 
  • Body measurement and evaluation equipment

Our mission is to improve access, quality, and style of anthropometry equipment around the world. 

Measure with Confidence!

How to Buy Anthropometry Equipment in the Middle East 

  • NutriActiva ships to many Middle East countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and Israel.
  • We ship with DHL Express (4-5 day service)

Either buy directly on or contact us for a quote.  

Purchase Orders and Distributors 

NutriActiva offers anthropometry equipment to hospitals, universities, and other organizations in the Middle East.  We specialize in skinfold calipers, anthropometers, and body tape measures. 

We also collaborate with medical equipment distributors in the Middle East.  

Fill out the contact form for a quote.