AnthroFlex BodyFit Tape Measure w/ Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

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BRAND: AnthroFlex


  • MEASURE CIRCUMFERENCE Ideal for anthropometry (body measurement) 
  • EVALUATE RISK of cardiovascular disease. Specially designed to measure the stomach girth.
  • READING in cm with coloured areas in green, yellow and red.
  • BLADE is 18.5 mm wide x 1.58 m long. High-quality poly-fiber fabric with metal tips on both ends and push-button closure on the slider. Ideal for measure circumference yourself.
  • QUALITY Designed and manufactured in Germany.

High quality circumference tape measure for medical use with patented slider and press-button closure, specially designed to measure the stomach girth. The circumference of your stomach girth can tell you wether you are at risk of car-diovascular disease. Green, yellow and red surfaces reveal your level of health risk. 

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