AnthroFlex Kit Slim Guide Caliper, Stadiometer, BMI Tape Measure, Calibration Dowel, Transport Bag

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BRAND: AnthroFlex

  • INCLUDES Slim Guide skinfold caliper, AnthroFlex wall mounted stadiometer with wall plate, BMI tape measure, calibration dowel, and transport bag.
  • SLIM GUIDE SKINFOLD CALIPER is an affordable yet highly accurate skinfold caliper that's easy to use at home, in the clinic, or at the gym. The metal spring provides constant pressure to ensure accurate readings throughout the full measurement range.
  • ANTHROFLEX STADIOMETER Measure the height of people easilty and conveniently. Compact design is ideal for small spaces. Range is 220cm. Metric units only. Instructions included.
  • CALIBRATION DOWEL for testing will ensure your caliper is calibrated and your readings are accurate.
  • TRANSPORT BAG has two compartments with zippers to convenienty transport your equipment.

The AnthroFlex Kit is ideal for nutritionists and dieticians to set up their clinic. All tools are professional quality.