Lafayette Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

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The Lafayette Hydraulic Grip Dynamometer is designed for both routine screening and for evaluation of hand trauma or diseased hands.

The adjustable handle can be placed in five grip positions, from 1.375 in to 3.375 in, in half-inch increments. This sealed hydraulic system features a dual-scale readout that displays isometric grip force from 0 to 200 pounds (90 kg).


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  • Dual-Scale Readout: Our Dynamometer displays grip force in pounds (200 lbs max) and kilograms (90 kg max).
  • Peak-Hold Needle: For convenience and easy recording, the Lafayette Hand Dynamometer automatically retains the highest reading. This reading remains on the gauge until the examiner resets it.
  • Accurate and Reproducible: Isometric in use, with almost no perceptible motion of the handles, regardless of grip strength. The hand grasp is both comfortable and effective. These features combine to ensure accurate, reproducible results.
  • Adjustable Handle: To accommodate various size hands, the Lafayette Hand Dynamometer handle adjusts to five grip positions: from 1 3/8 to 3 3/8 inches, in half-inch increments.