Plastic w/ Rose Gold Stainless Steel Handle Measuring Cups & Spoons 8 Set

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SKU: 804
BRAND: Wonderfulife
    - Set of Cups: Includes 1/4c= 60ml, 1/3c= 80ml, 1/2c= 125ml, 1c= 250ml 
    - Set of Spoons: Includes 1/2 tsp=1.25ml, 1tsp= 5ml, 1/2 tbsp=7.5ml, 1tbsp= 15ml
  • EASILY IDENTIFY: Each cup "ml" and spoon sizes have engraved marking in the handle with double clear scales.
  • 100% NONSTICK FOOD grade PP and stainless steel.
  • DURABLE smooth & Ergonomic Design Handle.
  • CONVENIENTLY NESTS  inside one another design allowing you to store them in any drawer. 

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