Stadiometer: Wall Mounted Height Meter Growth Ruler CM Metric (not feet/inches)

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Easily measure adult and child from home, office, or clinic. Very easy to install; comes with placement box to create an outline. Note that this unit only has metric measurements (centimeters) and will not measure in feet/inches. Installation instructions: 1. Place the stadiometer on the floor against the wall. 2. Pull the tape measure up far enough for the zero to line up exactly with the red stripe in the measurement display area. Then mark the site of the drill hole on the wall on the upper part of the attachment hole. 3. Attach the end of the tape measure to the wall using the screw supplied. 4. Push the stadiometer back together. Measuring with the Stadiometer1. The person to be measured stands under the stadiometer. 2. The measuring tongue is lowered onto the head. 3. Height appears in the measurement display area.