Upper Arm Measurement Kit w/ Markers

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BRAND: AnthroFlex

  • INCLUDES Cescorf flexible segmometer (3m), 10 MUAC tape measures for pregnant. pospartum women, Cescorf anthropometric tape measure, 10 dermographic markers (5 of each color).
  • CESCORF FLEXIBLE SEGMOMETER allows the blood pressure cuff location.
  • MUAC TAPE TO ASSESS MALNUTRITION RISK quickly and easily in Pregnant, Postpartum women, based on mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) reading. Easy to use red represents severe malnourishment, yellow represents at-risk for malnourishment, and green represents proper nourishment.
  • CESCORF ANTHROPOMETRIC TAPE MEASURE with range 2 meter flexible steel blade ideal to measure waist circumference.
  • DEMORGRAPHIC MARKERS to mark skin safely with the Viscot E-Z Removable dermographic marker is made specifically for marking the skin and for easy removal.

The Upper Arm Measurement Kit is ideal for measuring pregnant women and evaluating their nutritional status over time.

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