What is an Anthropometer?

An anthropometer is an instrument that as its name indicates ("anthropos" suffix from the Greek and indicates "relative to human body", and "meter" that means "measure") is used to measure widths and lengths of bones of human body depending of its range. These can be specific for large and small bones and be included in an anthropometric kit, also it can be found as a collection of rods that can be configured for different measurements.


Anthropometer vs. Anthropometry Kit 

Anthropometry Kits

  • Holway Anthropometry Kit


    • Lange bone anthropometer (60cm) 
    • Small bone anthropometer (18cm) 
    • Rigid segmometer (60cm) 
    • Skinfold caliper (60cm)
    • Anthropometric tape measure (2m)
    • Head square (for height & arm span) 
    • Transport case
  • Cescorf Anthropometry Kit


    • Large bone anthropometer (60cm)
    • Small bone anthropometer (18cm)
    • Flexible segmometer (3m)
    • Lufkin W606PM anthropometric tape measure (2m)
    • Portable stadiometer (3m)
    • Transport bag.
  • Realmet Anthropometry Kit


    • Large bone anthropometer (60cm)
    • Small bone anthropometer (14.5cm)
    • Flexible segmometer (3m)
    • Realmet anthropometric tape measure (2m)
    • Dermographic pencil.
    • Aluminum transport case.


  • Harpenden Anthropometer

    • Set of rods to assemble with straight and recurved branches, a spare counter and beam extensions for the measuring of heights of up to two meters.
    • Anthropometric tool used to measure standing height, sitting height and arm length.
    • Range of 50 mm to 570 mm.
    • Constructed of light alloy anodized.
    • Sliding member operates via miniature ball-bearing rollers.
    • Carrying case.
  • GPM Anthropometer

    • Consists of four interconnecting metal tubes, with millimeter intervals. With the four sections connected, the measuring range is from 0 to 2100 mm.
    • It can also be used as a sliding beam caliper with a measuring range of 0 to 950 mm.
    • Including a canvas carrying bag, recurved metal branches, a baseplate, and an auricular height needle.

Anthropometric Equipment as we mentioned, an anthropometer can refer to a collection of rods to configured for different body measurements, or it can refer to specific body measurement instruments, such as these:

  • Large bone Anthropometer
  • Small bone anthropometer
  • Segmometer

Other instruments that are also used for body measurement and included in anthropometry kits are anthropometric tape measures and stadiometers (height meters).