About Us


To make it easy to buy anthropometry equipment brands around the world.  


Scour the Globe for the Best Anthropometry Equipment

  • We source anthropometry equipment from 9 countries on 4 continents 
  • We offer more in-stock anthropometry equipment than any other store in the world. 

Become Experts in Anthropometry and Logistics

  • Anthropometry: Our team includes an ISAK certified Anthropometrist and licenced dietiician. 
  • Logistics: We use advanced global logistics to solve the challenges of international distribution.     

Make it Easy to Buy Around the World 

  • Warehouses in 8 countries (USA, Canada, Colombia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany) 
  • Fast shipping worldwide with discounted Fedex rates (2-5 day shipping worldwide)
  • Buy on Amazon US with fast, affordable shipping to more than 100 countries (with import taxes prepaid). 
    • Distributors around the world  

    - VALUES -


    We have a standard of excellence for everything we sell and do.  


    We are always learning, growing, and advancing as a company and as invidividuals.


    We understand the power of trust, with the products we sell, our business relationships, and among our team of employees.  

      - WHO WE ARE -

      NutriActiva is owned by Joe Richards and Andrea Richards.   Andrea is a registered dietitian from Colombia and Level 1 ISAK certified anthropometrist.  Combined with Joe's entrepreneurial spirit, world travel, and background as a professional translator, NutriActiva has grown into a global company. 

      joe richards andrea richards minneapolis mn minnesota

      - OUR STORY - 

      When Andrea was a dietician student in Colombia, skinfold calipers were so expensive and difficult to buy, that all the students shared the professor's one caliper.  In fact, to do homework assignments on the weekend, she'd have to bus for hours just borrow the skinfold caliper.  Together with Joe, they started NutriActiva to help nutritionists and dieticians around the world better access the equipment they need.  

      - OUR CLIENTS - 

      • Universities
      • Hospitals
      • Sports teams (professional / Olympic) 
      • Governments
      • Pharmaceutical companies
      • Medical equipment distributors 
      • Students / professionals / and just regular people!

      - OUR LOCATION -

      NutriActiva is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the USA.