AnthroFlex Circumference Tape Measure for Infant Head or Adult Upper Arm

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 Brand: AnthroFlex 

SKU: 306

  • MEASURE HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE of babies and infants quickly and easily. For pediatric use.
  • MEASURE UPPER ARM CIRCUMFERENCE for adults if a color coded malnutrition risk scale is not required. 
  • DUAL READINGS show metric and inches. Range 56 centimeters, 23 inches.
  • WASHABLE Easily wipe down and re-use, non-latex material.
  • WIDE DESIGN for easy reading.

Easily and quickly measure the head circumference of infants with the reusable AnthroFlex infant head circumference tape measures. 

6-Month Warranty 
NutriActiva will repair or replace any defective product we sell within 6 months of purchase.  Details Here