How to Measure Mid Upper Arm Circumference with MUAC Tape

The MUAC tape measure (Mid-Upper Arm Circumference) is special to measure the mid upper arm circumference of infants from 6 - 59 months (26cm), children from 10 - 18 years (45cm), adults and pregnant women (56cm).
It is based on UNICEF guidelines and marked with colors to easily identify thedegree of acute malnutrition, moderate acute malnutrition and the imminent risk of acute malnutrition, it value is in centimeters.

What is the Normal Mid Arm Circumference?


    Measuring Mid Arm Circumference with MUAC Tape

    It is necessary to know the midpoint of the arm before taking the upper arm circumference. People with experience in anthropometric measurements can easily identify the midpoint of the arm without taking a measurement, however, if you do not have such knowledge consider the following:

    • Identify and mark the acromion (lateral shoulder bone) and olecranon (elbow bone) with an erasable pencil.
    • With the patient's right arm bent 90 ° close to the trunk, place an anthropometric tape measure with the 0 at the marked point of the acromion and extend to the olecranon.
    • Without removing the tape, read the total measurement and identify half of it and mark it on the arm.
    • Insert the end of the MUAC tape through the hole where the indicator arrows are located.
    • At the midpoint of the marked arm, place the MUAC tape measure with the thickest part where the indicator arrows meet in front of your visual field.
    • Adjust the tape to the size of the arm without exerting pressure and read the measurement 


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