ISAK Certification

What is ISAK?

ISAK (International Societry for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry) was founded as an organisation of individuals whose scientific and professional endeavour is related to kinanthropometry. 

ISAK's purpose is "to create and maintain an international network of colleagues who represent the world community transcending geography, politics and the bounds of separate disciplines in order to establish a dynamic area of scientific endeavour."

What is Kinanthropometry?

According to ISAK, Kinanthropometry is "the area of science concerned with the measurement of human body composition... Kinanthropometry is the interface between anatomy and movement. It takes the measurement of the human body and determines its capability for function and movement in a range of settings."

What is ISAK Certification?

ISAK certification is the global standard to be a certified anthropometrist.  The Level 1 and Level 2 courses are usually 3 full days of instruction and practice.  After the course, the student will have 6 months to complete measurements on 20 subjects. Upon successful review by the instructor, the certification will be granted. 

ISAK Certification Scheme

Level 1 - Technician - Restricted Profile Anthropometrist

Level 1 is designed for the majority of ISAK-accredited anthropometrists who have little on-going requirement for more than the measurement of base measurements and skinfolds... A person who successfully completes Level 1 can demonstrate adequate precision in 4 base measures, 8 skinfolds, 6 girths and 3 breadths and has a basic understanding of the theory of anthropometric applications.

Required Course Equipment: 

Level 1 Kit 

Level 2 - Technician - Full Profile Anthropometrist

Level 2 is designed for those anthropometrists who wish to offer their subjects a more-comprehensive range of measurements, including in 4 base measurements, 8 skinfolds, 13 girths, 9 lengths and heights, 9 breadths and depths and has a broad understanding of the theory of anthropometry and its interpretation.

A certified Level 2 anthropometrist can also be an assistant instructor for Level 1 courses. 

Required Course Equipment 

In addition to the Level 1 equipment listed above, students may also need:


Level 3 - Instructor Anthropometrist

Level 3 is designed only for those anthropometrists who wish to engage in the training and accreditation of Levels 1 and 2 anthropometrists. Like Level 2 anthropometrists, Level 3 practitioners can demonstrate adequate precision in all 43 anthropometric dimensions, but, in addition, have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of anthropometry to be able to instruct and accredit Level 1 and 2 anthropometrists.

Level 4 - Criterion Anthropometrist

Level 4 is the most senior level. It recognises many years of experience in taking ISAK-approved measurements, a high level of theoretical knowledge, involvement in the teaching/examining of ISAK workshops or courses, involvement in large anthropometric research projects and a significant publication record in anthropometry. 

How Much Does ISAK Certification Cost?

The cost for each 3-day ISAK certification course is typically around $500-750 USD, plus other potential expenses: 

  • Travel Expenses
  • Required Anthropometry Equipment

What Anthropometry Equipment is Required for an ISAK Certification Course?

While you may be able to share some of the equipment at the course, you will need access to the equipment after the course for the follow up measurement to complete certification.

How Do I Find an ISAK Certification Course?

See the ISAK Course Calendar.  If there are no courses offered in your area, use the Members page to find and contact an instructor by filtering "Level 3 Instructor Anthropometrist" and your country.