Avanutri Segmometer

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BRAND: Avanutri

MATERIAL: Steel blade, hard plastic tips 




  • Knee height 
  • Demi-span (finger tips to mid chest)
  • Ulna length (forearm) 
  • Upper arm length (to identify mid-upper arm)


  • Measure knee height or ulna length to estimate height of patients unable to stand (i.e. in wheel chair or bedridden)
  • Calculate midpoint of upper arm for body fat testing, or for blood pressure cuff location.

SIMILAR TOOLS:  Compared to a knee height caliper or osteometer, a flexible segmometer is much less expensive and more compact.   

We also offer the Realmet Flexible Segmometer, which has metal tips (rather than plastic), a built in level, dual reading to include the length of the tape case (outside reading), a wood box, and is more expensive.  

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