Cescorf Digital Skinfold Caliper with Self-Calibration

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BRAND: Cescorf

  • EASY TO READ The digital display reduces errors in readings, and it features a hold button to lock in the reading.  
  • SELF CALIBRATING The included self-calibration tool will save you money on calibration services and ensure consistent calibration.
  • ANTHROPOMETRIC TAPE MEASURE with 2 meter flexible steel blade is included.
  • PROTECTED The included case will protect your caliper during storage and transportation. 
  • DURABLE The Cescorf Digital Skinfold Caliper features high quality aluminum body construction with hard plastic fixed tips. 
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Sensitivity: 0.1 mm, Constant Pressure: 9.6g / mm2, 3V battery included (CR2032)

The Cescorf Digital Skinfold Caliper has distinct advantages over traditional analog calipers, including easy to read digital display, hold button for display, included anthropometric tape measure, and self-calibration system. The manufacturer provides a 1 year warranty for defects. 

6-Month Warranty 
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