Cescorf Flexible Segmometer

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BRAND: Cescorf

  • CESCORF FLEXIBLE SEGMOMETER allows you to measure bone length to estimate height of patients unable to stand (i.e. in wheel chair or bedridden), and calculate midpoint of upper arm for body fat testing.
  • MEASURES knee height, demi-span, ulna length, and forearm length
  • COMPARED TO A KNEE HEIGHT CALIPER OR OSTEOMETER a flexible segmometer is much less expensive and more compact.
  • SPECIFICATIONS 3m range, hard ABS plastic tips, Precision 0.5 mm; Resolution: 1mm.
  • PROTECTIVE BAG included for safe storage and transport.

The Cescorf segmometer is a compact, portable solution for various body measurements. Use instead of a knee height caliper or a rigid segmometer.