Realmet Flexible Segmometer Knee Height Measurement, Forearm Length

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The Realmet segmometer is a top-of-the-line segmometer. The flexible segmometer is a superior alternative to a rigid segmometer (or knee height caliper) as it is light and portable. Use a segmometer for knee height measurement, demi-span, and forearm length measurement. It is useful tool for measuring height of bedridden patients, elderly persons, and persons in wheelchairs. FEATURES: Built-in level to facilitate measurements; Stainless steel tips; Tape shows two measurement readings: outside (normal) and inside (length of the tape plus length of the case). SPECIFICATIONS: Range: 300 centimeters; Units: metric; Width: 80mm; Weight: 150 grams / 400 grams with box; Length 70mm; Precision 0.5 mm; Resolution: 1mm.