Anthropometry Equipment & Instruments

Anthropometry Equipment & Instruments

NutriActiva specializes in distribution of anthropometric equipment and instruments.  Sometimes the terminology can be confusing.  We've done our best to clarify terminology here.  Please feel free to contact us with suggestions.  


Anthropometry equipment in general

Anthropometry set comprised of rods that can be configured to many measurements

In the most general sense, an anthropometer a tool to measure the lengths of the limbs of the human body.  It may be used in reference to a small or large bone anthropometer.  It also refers to a single tool with multiple configurations to make different measurements.  Harpenden Anthropometer
Small Bone Anthropometer

Small Bone Anthropometer

Small Sliding Caliper

To measure width of small bones, such as wrist, knee, elbow, ankle.  AvaNutri Small Bone Anthropometer
Large Bone Anthropometer May also be referred to as a large bone caliper or large sliding caliper.   To measure large bones, such as shoulder width and chest depth, although chest depth can also be measured by a breadth caliper. 

Cescorf Large Bone Anthropometer


Knee height caliper

Flexible segmometer 

Rigid segmometer

Sliding broad- blade caliper

Used to measure knee height and other small bone lengths, such as forearm.  A flexible segmometer is the size of a standard handheld tape measure for  easy transport, whereas a rigid segmometer uses a long rod.  

Cescorf Flexible


Knee Height Caliper


Rigid segmometer

Sliding broad-blade caliper

A knee height caliper has a long and rigid rod and is intended to measure knee height.  A segmometer, on the other hand, can measure knee height and other measurements as well.  Shorr Knee Height Caliper
Anthropometry Kit Complete Anthropometry Kit  A complete anthropometry kit is composed of anthropometric tools. Kit contents vary by manufacturer, but it will include many of the tools listed here along with a carrying case. Sometimes a skinfold cailper is optional. Additional accessories may include software, dermographic markers, and a calibration block. Cescorf Anthropometry Kit
Anthropometric Tape Measure An ideal anthropometric tape measure has a thin (6mm wide), flat, flexible steel blade with blank space before the zero (6-10cm), and uses the metric system, about 2 meters in length. Lufkin W606PM Tape Measure
Skinfold Caliper Body fat caliper A skinfold caliper is used to measure skinfold thickness at multiple sites on the body in order to calculate body fat percentage. Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper
Stadiometer Height Meter Used to measure height of a person standing up.   Seca Stadiometer