What is a Height Meter (Stadiometer) and How to Use It?

A height meter (also called a stadiometer) is an instrument used to measure the height of people. The best known are those that are installed on the wall that can be transported and installed anywhere.

At NutriActiva we offer the following height meter:

Height Meter with Wall Plate Range 220 cm

Wall Height Meter Range 200 cm

Cescorf Portable Height Meter Range 3 mt

stadiometer with wall plate wall stadiometer

How to Install and Use a Wall Height Meter

 You will need an additional person to help.
  1. Find a straight wall with no baseboard or unevenness to ensure accurate readings.
  2. Place the stadiometer against the wall on the floor.
  3. With one person holding the base of the height meter on the floor, raise the tape until the beginning (zero) appears in the window aligned with the red line. If necessary, use a chair or bench to reach the required height.
  4. Mark the screw hole spaces with a pencil.
  5. Optional - For additional support, install anchor at center point. Drill a hole and insert the anchor.
Drive in the screws to install the height rod to the wall. Close the height rod.
how to install a wall height meter

Note: When installing with screws or nails, it is preferably to leave the height rod installed in a fixed place for constant use.
* To use the height meter on a portable basis and move it to various locations, many nutritionists or trainers often use good quality masking tape to fix the height rod to the wall, this way it can be removed without damaging the paint.

Height Measurement Technique with the Height Meter

  1. The person to be measured is located right below the height meter, barefoot, with relaxed shoulders, the scapula, buttocks and heels should be touching the wall, arms on each side of the body, legs straight and together.
  2. The person must be looking straight ahead: position the head in the Frankfort plane as shown in the figure, drawing an imaginary horizontal line from the nose, the lower line of the eye socket to the tragion or pinna.

how to measure height

3. Lower the base of the height meter to the head, when there is a lot of hair, a little pressure should be applied to touch the top of the head.

how to measure height with a height meter

4. The measurement appears in the reading window. If necessary, you must use a chair to reach and view the measurement correctly.

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