Compare Large Bone Calipers Anthropometers

Compare Large Bone Calipers Anthropometers

What is a Large Bone Anthropometer?

A large bone anthropometer (also called a large bone caliper) is a tool for measuring chest depth and shoulder width.  

Compare Large Bone Anthropometers

 Brand Price (approximate) Comments Ideal For Example
Cescorf $250-265 (shop) Aluminum, collapsible, includes carrying case. Practical, durable design.  Professionals, universities
Realmet $275-300 Aluminum construction, collapsible, available in various colors.  Professionals, universities realmet large bone anthropometer
Lafayette $180 Made of PVC plastic, does not collapse We recommend other models at this price range lafayette large bone anthropometer

Where to Purchase a Large Bone Anthropometer? 

NutriActiva is an international distributor of anthropometry equipment, including large bone anthropometers.  shop large bone anthropometers