Knee Height Caliper

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Knee Height Caliper

What is a knee height caliper?

A knee height caliper is used to measure measure the height of bedridden patients, elderly persons, and persons in wheelchairs, by means of measuring the height of the leg.  A knee height caliper is usually rigid metal and about 80cm long (just under 2.5 ft).  It may sometimes be referred to as a rigid segmometer.

What is a segmometer?

A segmometer is another measurement tool, similar to a tape measure, that can be used for knee height measurement as well as demi-span and forearm length.  It has other advantages over a knee height caliper, including being much more compact and lightweight, less expensive, and with a much greater range, up to 300cm.

How much does a knee height caliper cost?

The Shorr knee height caliper sells for around $300-350.  A flexible segmometer costs under $150.

Where can I purchase a knee height caliper?

Because a flexible segmometer has so many advantages over a knee-height caliper, sells Cescorf and Realmet flexible segmometers.