Knee-Height Caliper

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Knee-Height Caliper

What is a Knee-Height Caliper?

A knee height caliper is used to measure the height of bedridden patients, elderly persons, and persons in wheelchairs, by means of measuring the height of the leg.  A knee height caliper is usually rigid metal and about 80cm long (just under 2.5 ft).  It may sometimes be referred to as a rigid segmometer.

What is a Segmometer?

A segmometer is another measurement tool, similar to a tape measure, that can be used for knee height measurement as well as demi-span and forearm length.  It has other advantages over a knee height caliper, including being much more compact and lightweight, less expensive, and with a much greater range, up to 300cm.

How do you use a knee-height caliper?

The right leg of the patient should form a 90 degree angle, place the fixed blade of the caliper on the distal end of the calcaneus and the sliding blade on the anterior side to the external condyle of the femur so that the axis of the caliper aligns with the tibia.  

How Much Does a Knee Height Caliper Cost?

The Shorr knee height caliper price is around $300-350.  A flexible segmometer costs under $150.

Where Can I Purchase a Knee Height Caliper?

Because a flexible segmometer has so many advantages over a knee-height caliper, sells Cescorf and Realmet flexible segmometers.

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