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Avanutri Segmometer

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The Avanutri segmometer allows you to quickly and easily measure bone lengths.  It is an entry level model that stands out from the competition with its ultra low price, while still being adecuate for professional use.  

Segmometers like this are frequently used in hospitals to monitor patient bone growth, and to estimate the height of patients unable to stand (i.e. in wheel chair or bedridden).  It can also be used to calculate the midpoint of upper arm for body fat testing, or for blood pressure cuff location.

The Avanutri is manufactured by Avanutri in Brasil, which was founded in 2004 and is dedicated to equipping nutritionists and dietitians with high quality and affordable equipment.

  • COMPACT DESIGN allows for easy transport and storage, and quick measurements. 
  • DUAL SCALE in inches and centimeters on top side.  Reverse side is blank. 
  • BLADE STOP to hold measurement


  • Knee height caliper



  • Knee height
  • Acromial-Radial length
  • Radial-Styloid length
  • Medial Styloid-Dactyl length
  • Ilioespinal length
  • Trochanteric length
  • Trochanter-Lateral Tibial length
  • Lateral Tibial length
  • Medial Tibial-Medial Malleolar length
  • Foot length


  • MATERIAL: Steel blade, hard plastic tips 
  • RANGE: 3m
  • RESOLUTION: 1mm 

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avanutri segmometer
Avanutri Segmometer
Avanutri Segmometer

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