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Cescorf Large Bone Anthropometer

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$180.00 USD

The Cescorf large bone anthropometer is our midrange model. WIth a large bone anthropometer, you can measure the diameters of chest depth (AP Thorax), abdomen, shoulder width, illiac crest, chest (thorax) width, and foot length. It can be used for the ISAK 2 certification course, which allows you to advance your career as a certified anthropometrist.

It is the only model with removable arms for easy transport, and adjustable arms that allow for additional body measurements, including of the skull.

It includes a soft transport case.

RECOMMENDED USE: Student / Professional


  • PROFESSIONAL & LOW COST: Affordable for students and adequate for professional use.
  • ALUMINUM BODY CONSTRUCTION makes this anthropometer both lightweight and durable with a smooth slide.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT The arms are removable and can be stored and transported in the included soft case.
  • DUAL SCALE: A second scale to use for A-P thorax (chest depth) with the arm tips pointed inward. 
  • ADJUSTABLE / REMOVABLE ARMS give the user maximum control and flexibility and are detachable for easy transport.


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  • Large sliding caliper
  • Chest depth calipers
  • Breadth caliper 

  • Biacromial (shoulder breadth)
  • Anteroposterior abdominal (abdominal depth)
  • Biiliocrestal (breadth of the iliac crest)
  • Transverse chest (chest breadth)
  • Anteroposterior chest / A-P Thorax  (chest depth)
  • Foot length


  • SKU 217
  • Range
  1. Straight tips: 56cm
  2. Inward tips: 52cm 
  • Material: Aluminum body, plastic posts
  • Resolution: 1mm 
  • Storage & Transport: Includes soft case.  Arms are removable for compact transport. 


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    Cescorf Large Bone Anthropometer
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    Cescorf Large Bone Anthropometer
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