AnthroFlex Calibration Dowel for Harpenden, Skyndex Skinfold Caliper

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BRAND: AnthroFlex

  • CALIBRATION TESTING Quickly and easily test your caliper to ensure calibration and thus accurate measurements.
  • IDEAL for testing the Harpenden, Slim Guide, and Lange skinfold calipers.
  • INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED for caliper calibration testing. Caliper not included.
  • STEEL CONSTRUCTION for maximum hardness and durability.
  • SPECIFICATIONS 16mm diameter

The AnthroFlex steel calibration dowel can be used to certify calibration of your Harpenden, Skyndex, or Slim Guide sinfold caliper at 16mm. A cylindrical dowel, rather than a flat block, is necessary for proper alignment of the tips as they come into contact, which ensures an accurate measurement.

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