Cescorf Professional Skinfold Caliper with Antropometric Tape Measure, Case

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BRAND: Cescorf

  • CESCORF PROFESSIONAL SKINFOLD CALIPER is the best value for mid-range skinfold calipers. The durable aluminum construction means you will have quality, long lasting professional equipment. Includes hard transport case that will protect your investment, and it includes a compartment for the anthropometric tape measure.
  • CONSTANT SPRING PRESSURE provides accurate and consistent readings throughout the full range of measurement.
  • ANTHROPOMETRIC TAPE MEASURE with 2 meter flexible steel blade is included.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Sensitivity: 1mm Reading range: 75 mm Spring pressure: 10 g / mm² ± 0.2 g / mm².

The Cescorf skinfold caliper is a high quality midrange aluminum body caliper that is an extraordinary value. It has fixed tips in technyl nylon and zinc plated steel springs. Includes transport case and 2M flexible steel anthropometric tape measure. 

6-Month Warranty 
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