Cescorf Skinfold Caliper with Case and Antropometric Tape Measure

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The Cescorf skinfold caliper is a high quality midrange aluminum body caliper. Fixed tips in technyl nylon and zinc plated steel springs. The scale measures in millimeters. It has opening of 75 mm, and springs with constant pressure of 10 g / mm². Includes transport case anthropometric tape measure. CESCORF is the only Latin American manufacturer approved by INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF KINANTRHOPOMETRY - ISAK Specifications: Sensitivity: 1mm Reading range: 75 mm Spring pressure: 10 g / mm² ± 0.2 g / mm² Dimensions: 286 mm x 185 mm Weight: 180 g 800 g with case Base: aluminum with black epoxy paint coating. Warranty: 1 year