Infantometer Soft PVC

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  • PVC MATERIAL Easy readable, light weight non-stretch, non-shrink, closed -cell plastic foam. Flexible mat provides direct reading in cm and inch.
  • PROXIMAL AND DISTAL ENDS help to easily obtain a minimum measurement.
  • LENGTH MEASURING mat for child, 0-3 years, with measuring range up to 99 cm.
  • EASY READABLE in low light working situations, material, lightweight non-stretch non-shrink, closed-cell plastic foam
  • ACCURACY 1 mm

Infantometer to measure the height of babies, it is light, foldable and can be easily transported and stored. With the flexible PVC plastic mat it is durable, practical for the home, clinical offices and to carry anywhere.

6-Month Warranty 

NutriActiva will repair or replace any defective product we sell within 6 months of purchase.  Details Here