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Realmet Flexible Segmometer

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The Realmet segmometer is a premium model intended for professional use.  What stands out about this model is its durability and unique features.   It's adapted from a durable top-quality Stanley tape measure, has rigid aluminum tips, and includes wood case for storage and transport. It has additional unique features, including a built-in level, and an additional reading that includes the length of the case.  

Flexible segmometers are frequently by medical professionals to monitor patient bone growth, and to estimate the height of patients unable to stand (i.e. in wheel chair or bedridden).  It can also be used to calculate the midpoint of upper arm for body fat testing, or for blood pressure cuff location.

The Realmet is manfactured by Realmet Institute in Spain, led by Toni Sola Perez, a certified ISAK III instructor. 


  • BUILT-IN LEVEL for more consistent technique among practicioners
  • ALUMINUM TIPS for maximum durability
  • DUAL READING:  Standard reading, and outside reading that includes the length of the tape case.  This allows for more versatile positioning for taking the measurements.  
  • DELUXE WOOD CASE protects the segmometer during transport and storage. 
  • COMPACT DESIGN allows for easy transport and storage, and quick measurements. 


  • Knee height caliper

  • Knee height
  • Acromial-Radial length
  • Radial-Styloid length
  • Medial Styloid-Dactyl length
  • Ilioespinal length
  • Trochanteric length
  • Trochanter-Lateral Tibial length
  • Lateral Tibial length
  • Medial Tibial-Medial Malleolar length
  • Foot length


  • SKU 206
  • Material: Steel blade, stainless steel tips
  • Range: 3m
  • Resolution: 1mm 
  • Tip length: 5.8cm
  • Transport & Storage: Includes deluxe wood case 

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    Realmet Flexible Segmometer
    Realmet Flexible Segmometer
    Realmet Flexible Segmometer
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