Cescorf Innovare Skinfold Caliper

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BRAND: Cescorf

  • CESCORF INNOVARE SKINFOLD CALIPER made in Plastic ABS, galvanized steel springs and simplified reading system.
  • CONSTANT SPRING PRESSURE with cross spring for constant pressure provides accurate and consistent readings throughout the full range of measurement.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Sensitivity: 1mm Reading range: 80 mm Spring pressure: ± 10 g / mm2; Dimensions: 244 mm x 215 mm
  • WARRANTY 1-year manufacturer's warranty included.
  • KIT OPTION Includes transport case that will protect your investment, and it includes a compartment for the Cescorf anthropometric tape measure 2M flexible steel.

The Cescorf Innovare skinfold caliper is a very good quality body fat caliper. It has galvanized steel springs that guarantees accuracy in measurements. Cescorf is the only Latin American manufacturer approved by International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK).


  • CESCORF ANTHROPOMETRIC TAPE MEASURE is made specifically for anthropometric measurement, with its narrow, flat, and flexible steel blade of 6mm wide x 2m long, 8 cm blank space before zero. Metric units. Shell material is hard ABS plastic.
  • TRANSPORTATION CASE The included case will protect your caliper during storage and transportation.

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