how to use a large bone anthropometer

What is a Large Bone Anthropometer and How to Use It

A large bone anthropometer (also called large bone caliper or large sliding caliper) is a caliper used to measure the diameter of large bones

What is a Large Bone Anthropometer Used For?

A large bone anthropometer is used to measure the diameters of the following measurements: 

  • Shoulders or Biacromial
  • Hip or Biiliocrestidio - Bicrestal
  • Transverse Thorax
  • Thorax Diameter

How Much does a Large Anthropometer Cost?

A long anthropometer typically costs between $250 - $800 in the United States. Compare Large Bone Anthropometers

How to Use a Large Bone Anthropometer

Note: To effectively use a long anthropometer requires training with a certified instructor and supervised practice.  The following instructions are just an introduction. You can learn more about  ISAK anthropometric training courses here.

Before you start measuring, the first thing to consider is how to hold it. It should be taken with both hands, putting each index at the outer end of each branch and thumb on the inside of them, the middle fingers should be free as they are used to identify and locate the bones or anatomical points to measure, as follows :
how to use a large bone anthropometer

Basic anthropometric measurements performed with a large bone anthropometer are:



Shoulder Diameter or Biacromial:

The anthropometrist should be behind the subject to measure, which must stand with shoulders relaxed. The acromial processes of both shoulders are identified to place each branch of the anthropometer at an angle of 45 degrees upwards.

how to measure Shoulder Diameter or Biacromial


Hip Diameter or Biiliocrestidio - Bicrestal:

is measured facing the subject and standing. The lateral edges of the upper iliac ridges are identified, where each branch of the anthropometer is located at an angle of 30 degrees upwards.

how to measure Hip Diameter or Bicrestal

Transverse Thorax Diameter:

The fourth rib is referenced (taken by touching from the collarbone counting the intercostal spaces to the middle of the 3rd and 4th space) is marked with an erasable pencil. In front of the subject to measure, the anthropometer is located so that the base of the anthropometer is at the same height of the mark and the branches 30 degrees down touching the ribs.

how to measure Transverse Thorax Diameter

Front-Back Thorax Diameter:

This measurement is made easier with an anthropometer that has additional guides such as the Campbell 20 caliper. The subject to measure must be seated. The anthropometrist must be on the side and place one of the anthropometer guides at a 45-degree angle at the point marked on the 4th rib mark (for transverse thorax) and the posterior guide on spiny apophysis – the same height as the previous one. The subject must be breathing normally, the measurement is read during an exhale, to which the cm that measure the guides are subtracted. 

how to measure Front-Back Thorax Diameter
how to measure Front-Back Thorax Diameter

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