Hand Grip Strength Test

The hand grip strength measurement test is performed to measure the isometric strength of the muscles of the hand and forearm, it can be used to identify the strength for sports performed mainly with the hands and arms or even in physical therapy to identify weaknesses in the muscles.

The equipment used is a Dynamometer. Before performing the test, it must be confirmed that the equipment is well calibrated and the user's data such as sex, age, weight, height, dominant hand must be requested, since many dynamomers currently take these data into account to give the results.

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Measuring hand strength

The user must take the dynamometer with the hand to be measured, the most common position is with the arm hanging to the side of the body, (the position may vary depending on the objective of the measurement) and press with all possible force for at least 3 seconds, then the dynamometer will return a measure. It is advisable to perform the test 3 times with a 20-second rest in each hand to have more precise results.


The highest result should be recorded and compared to a guide for adults.

hand grip strength test results