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Anthropometric Tape Measure, How to Take Anthropometric Measures, Tape Measures -

You can take either length or circumference measurements of the body with a tape measure to know what type of body you have. An anthropometric (body) tape measure should be used, since common sewing tapes are not standardized and can give wrong measurements.

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Anthropometric Tape Measure, Tape Measures -

What is an Anthropometric Tape Measure? An anthropometric tape measure is a tape measure intended for body measurement, with blank space before the zero (6-8cm ideally), a thin, flexible steel blade, and 2m in length. Popular models are the Lufkin W606PM, AnthroFlex, and Cescorf.

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Anthropometers, Cescorf, Knee Height Caliper, Segmometer, Tape Measures -

A segmometer is a modified tape measure with tips used for body measurements (anthropometry) for lengths of bones.

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