Segmometer for Knee Height Measurement, Ulna / Forearm Length, Demi Span

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Segmometer for Knee Height Measurement, Ulna / Forearm Length, Demi Span

What is a segmometer (or anthropometric segmometer)?

The segmometer is a measurement tool used for body measurements (anthropometry) for lengths of bones. 

What does a segmometer measure? 

Use a segmometer for knee height measurement, demi-span, and ulna / forearm length measurement. These measurements can be used to estimate height / stature of patients unable to stand for a traditional height measurement, including bedridden patients, elderly persons, people in wheelchairs, and patients with other medical conditions. 

A segmometer is also used in body fat measurement to identify midpoint of upper arm. 

What are the different types of segmometers?

The two main types of segmometers are rigid and flexible.  A rigid segmometer is sometimes called a knee height caliper, Ross knee height caliper, and Shorr knee height caliper.  

A flexible segmometer is a modified tape measure with tips.  The advantage of a flexible segmometer is that is very compact and thus easier to transport.  It may also be more comfortable to handle for shorter measurements. 

How much does a segmometer cost?

Segmometers normally cost between $135-200.

What can I use instead of a segmometer? 

This is where the terminology gets tricky, because there are many variations of tools with overlapping names and uses.  For example, a segmometer literally means a tool for measuring segments.  But it's also a tape measure, albeit modified. It could also be called an anthropometer, which literally means a tool for measuring the body. 

Knee Height Caliper: This is a rigid caliper intended for just measuring knee height. The Shorr knee height caliper, for example, has a range of 80cm, much less than the 300cm range of a flexible segmometer. 

Anthropometric Tape Measure:  An anthropometric tape measure, such as the Lufkin W606PM, is ideal for measuring circumference, such as wrist or waist.   Typically is has a narrow (6mm) flexible steel blade and measures in metric units.  Because of the flexible blade, it is not ideal for measuring length of bones, as muscle and tissue may affect the reading.  In contrast a segmometer will not be affected by muscle and tissue.   

Anthropometer: The Harpenden Anthropometer is a set of tools for measuring the human body that allows for multiple configurations.  It has been used in ulna length studies, rather than a segmometer. 

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