Segmometer for Knee Height Measurement, Forearm Length

Segmometer for Knee Height Measurement, Forearm Length

What is a segmometer (or anthropometric segmometer)?

The segmometer is used in body measurements (anthropometry) for lengths and heights of bones and limbs. Use a segmometer for knee height measurement, demi-span, and forearm length measurement. It is useful tool for measuring height of bedridden patients, elderly persons, and persons in wheelchairs.

How Much Does a Segmometer Cost?

Segmometers normally cost between $150-250

What are the different types of segmometers?

The two main types of segmometers are rigid and flexible.  A rigid segmometer is sometimes called a knee height caliper, Ross knee height caliper, and Shorr knee height caliper.  The advantage of a flexible segmometer is that is much more compact and thus easier to transport.  Both types can be used for the same measurements. 

What is a Knee Height Caliper? 

A knee height caliper is a rigid caliper (segmometer).  The Shorr knee height caliper, for example, has a range of 0-80cm, much less than the 0-300cm range of the Realmet flexible segmometer, which is also much more lightweight and compact.   

Where can I buy a segmometer? sells the RealMet and Cescorf segmometers.  Shop segmometers